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 Scent and Urination Marking

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Scent and Urination Marking Empty
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Scent plays a very important role in the life of the wolf, by smell alone wolves can locate prey, other pack members or enemies. It can tell them if other wolves were in the territory, if they were male or female, and how recently they visited. The wolf use scent to mark territory, establish position of site of a kill and other factors within the pack.

Urination Marking

Alpha males will use Raised-leg urination primarily, Female and subordinate males use the squat-position. Females wolves also scent mark less that males.
The Alpha wolf will direct urine at stumps, rocks, or trees this marks the packs presents to the members of the pack and other wolves. Wolves from rival packs may mark over the existing scent mark to obscure its odor. The marks may also be used as a boundary or fence post acting as a direction system.
Lone wolves don't use Raised-leg urination (captive wolves have been known to urinate in ponds or streams).

source: WolfCountry
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Scent and Urination Marking
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