A semi-realistic wolf rpg.
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About me

My name is jaylen, i am fifteen years old, and my hobbies are: photography, reading, writing, gaming...

-> Name: Fortissimo
-> Nickname (if any): Fort, loud
-> Age: 3 years
-> Gender: Male
-> Breed: European wolf
-> Fur color: Light brown entirely, with a ashy shade of gray darkening his crown, and his shoulders, leading down to his back.
-> Eye color: A chestnut colored brown, darker then the average wolf. Easily showing any emotion he chooses.
-> Scars or any other markings: Three scars running down his left shoulder, appearing to be in the shape of claws.
-> Personality: Charming, Charismatic, Sly...he lacks the unnerving patience, and is more commonly introduced with warning labels over his head. He is a gigantic flirt, and is almost always sliding in swaying adjectives to describe the opposite sex. Speaking to females and calling them names like “love” or “ Beautiful” Shows that he is charming. He knows that he is good lucking, and instead of using his good looks to intimidate other wolves, he uses his good lucks to make the other wolves like him. Looks, and speech is everything to this wolf. Speaking out of term, changing the topic to himself, replying with sarcastic remarks, it all hangs loosely around his neck. He is known to have a rather drifting personality. One minute he can be charming, kind and thoughtful, the next he can be raging, with a insolvable anger. Most males approach him with looks of distaste, yet equal to the amount that hate him, some are friends with him. Females, on the other hand, never seem to completely hate him. They are his specialty.  
-> History: Raised into a pack near Russia, yet split away from them, along with his family, after a horrible sickness swept the lands. He hasn't seen his father, mother, or siblings since, and has grown a coldness to his home land.
-> Likes: Flirting, females, causing fights, evaluating other wolf's
-> Dislikes: Cold, rain, being interrupted, being told orders...
-> Habits: Sarcastic replies, speaking before thinking, zoning when important topics are being discussed
-> Strengths: His strength, which is obvious through a thick contrast of muscle starting from the tips of his shoulders, to his hind legs. His sense of responsibility, and his magnificent play on words.
-> Weaknesses: Females, caring too much, his anger.
-> Family: None
-> Mate: None
-> Pups: None
-> Wanted rank and why do you want it: Ah, a fighter, Because of my characters short temper.

FROM 1-10
-> Strength: 9
-> Speed: 7
-> Stamina: 10
-> Sight: 6
-> Hearing: 8
-> Scent: 5

-> Are you a serial killer? Maybe... Nope, only on the weekends, too french fries.
-> Do you like cookies? Not chocolate ones..
-> Do you promise to obey the rules, fight with me the zombie apocalypse and fly to the moon!?: Yeah, ill be by your side... Though if the zombie has a knife, i might hide.
-> How did you find us?: I was emailed on wolfquest(Drippingingold)
-> Are you related to Chuck Norris?: Im as awesome as he is
-> If the last question was negative; are you related to Spongebob?: Not nearly as dumb...
-> How would you act if I killed you?: I'd come back and haunt you
-> Will you be active?: Not promising, for i am studying for important exams, and am apart of two other packs.


-> Fortissimo Brown-eyes-eyes-wolf-wolves-Favim.com-440996<-
-> Your motto: No one on the corner has swagger like us( Idk...)
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