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 MoonLight's Biography.

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PostSubject: MoonLight's Biography.    MoonLight's Biography.  EmptyTue Dec 31, 2013 5:27 am

-> Name: N/A
-> Age: N/A
-> Hobbies/Interests: N/A

-> Name: MoonLight
-> Nickname (if any): Moon, Moony
-> Age: 3 years
-> Gender: Female
-> Breed: Arctic white wolf
-> Fur color: Pure white
-> Eye color: a dark, crystal blue
-> Scars or any other markings: She has a scar on her left shoulder.
-> Personality: MoonLight is a kind hearted fae, but if one messes with her friends and pack, she will get protective enough to kill. If she does not know you, then she will be hesitant with you. But if you gain her trust, she will be a friend to you.
-> History: When MoonLight was a pup, she lived with her family in the forests. She was the runt of the litter, a very small runt indeed. Her mother, father, 2 sisters, and brother would always be there for her, or so she thought. A fire started when she was 8 months old, the humans had made a mistake. The trees fell down around her, her family dieing along with the forest. She was the only one to escape, the young pup living in the wilderness. Only, she knew some. Her parents had taught her and her siblings about what was edible, what was not. Although, she did not know how to hunt. Yet. She taught herself how to hunt, catching small mice and weasels. When she was a year old, an old, vicious gray wolf jumped at her. She didn't know what to do, so she acted like he was another thing to hunt. She faught him, but he clawed at her shoulder, and then left her there. She tended her wound, and then went up the mountains, leaving the dreadful place. She then taught herself how to hide and be silent. She then continued wandering around.
-> Likes: Friends, pack, swimming, forests, trees, moss, running, spying on wolves that her Alphas tell her to, hunting, food.
-> Dislikes: Anyone who harms her friends, pack, and she dislikes her history, but she can't do much about that.
-> Habits: She tends to pace when she is really worried; her left ear tends to twitch when she feels threatened.
-> Strengths: She is faster than most wolves, also being completely silent on her paws.
-> Weaknesses: She is much smaller and has less strength than most wolves.
-> Family: Died in fire, her friends and pack are now her family.
-> Mate: nope
-> Pups: nope
-> Wanted rank and why do you want it: Spy or Lead Spy if possible, Moonlight is silent on her paws and can hide anywhere, also knowing which bushes that can hide her scent and which to stay away from. She will do what is nessesary to finish the job she was given from her Alphas, even roll herself in mud so that a wolf will not see her white pelt.

FROM 1-10
-> Strength: 5
-> Speed: 10
-> Stamina: 9
-> Sight: 8
-> Hearing: 8
-> Scent: 7

-> Are you a serial killer? No.
-> Do you like cookies? Yes.
-> Do you promise to obey the rules, fight with me the zombie apocalypse and fly to the moon!? Yes! I will obey! Zombies will be dead again! And my name is MoonLight, of course I will go to the moon with you!!!
-> How did you find us? I know Saba.
-> Are you related to Chuck Norris? I don't think so... no.
-> If the last question was negative; are you related to Spongebob? Um... No.
-> How would you act if I killed you? I wouldn't act, I'd be dead.
-> Will you be active? As much as I can, so, yes.


MoonLight's Biography.  Moon
-> Your motto: "If running is difficult, run more."

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MoonLight's Biography.
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