A semi-realistic wolf rpg.
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 Shadow's bio ^^

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Shadow's bio ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Shadow's bio ^^   Shadow's bio ^^ EmptyTue Dec 31, 2013 5:25 am

-> Name: Shadow
-> Nickname (if any): whatever you think of Razz
-> Age: 3 1/2
-> Gender: Female
-> Breed: Grey Wolf
-> Fur color: Pure Black
-> Eye color: Light green (appears blue/white at certain angles/lights.)
-> Scars or any other markings: She has a thick scar on her left front paw pad.
-> Personality: Shadow doesn't talk much when you first meet her but if you get to know her and she gets to trust you, she is very friendly. She is aggressive towards or doesn't interact much to anyone who doesn't have her trust.
-> History: Shadow was abandoned at a very young age, her mother had hidden her in a bush and was going to hide her other siblings there too, but they were never seen again. After a day of hiding Shadow left the bush and wandered in search of food and shelter and her mother. She ate certain types of fruit(though she didn't like them) and if she was lucky she got a old carcass with some meat left. By the time an eldered loner found her she was very malnourished(and 6 months old), and the elder fed her rabbits and other small rodents and taught her how to hunt. She stayed with him till he died and then went off on her own again. And since then she has been a loner never finding her mum or any packs. And now she found the moonstone pack and hesitantly joined.
-> Likes: She isn't quite sure.
-> Dislikes: Sharp rocks.
-> Habits: Walking aimlessly when stressed or bored, and not eating much.
-> Strengths: Her dark fur blends in well in dark places.
-> Weaknesses: Her left front paw is sensitive to cold things.
-> Family: None (all deceased) Shadow doesn't think so though.
-> Mate: None
-> Pups: None
-> Wanted rank and why do you want it: Scout ^.^

FROM 1-10
-> Strength: 4
-> Speed: 6
-> Stamina: 8
-> Sight: 7
-> Hearing: 8
-> Scent: 9

-> Are you a serial killer? Of course I'm not >.> I'm not even past high school.
-> Do you like cookies? Coookkkkiiiesss O.O Which kind? BUTTERSCOTCH! butterscotch. Must have butterscotch *eye twitch.*
-> Do you promise to obey the rules, fight with me the zombie apocalypse and fly to the moon!? Yes Ma'am I shall obey 'le rules. I shall put the zombies back to their graves. And I shall touch the moon with you!
-> How did you find us? I found you through a mystical forest in a haunted house that has a secret room. In that room is a special table with several chairs around it, and in those chairs sit the chatzy squad!
-> Are you related to Chuck Norris? Who is Chuck Norris??? O.O is he a bad guy?
-> If the last question was negative; are you related to Spongebob? I love sponges! does that mean I'm going to explode?
-> How would you act if I killed you? O.O (<-- That would be the look on my face)
-> Will you be active? Of Course, I will be on once a day when I am done with chores, schoolwork, and family stuff.


Shadow's bio ^^ Images11
The eyes on the pic are supposed to be a light green but the editing system I used failed me when I tried to edit them so they are white in this. Just pretend thats light green.
-> Your motto: I have no motto's Dx

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Shadow's bio ^^
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