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A semi-realistic wolf rpg.
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"Hi there, you must be Shadow, right?"

Shadow was surprised when the Alpha spoke to her kindly, though she didn't let it show. She noticed the smile on the fea's maw most likely aimed to her. Respectively Shadow dipped her head with her ears back, "Yes." The whistling of the wind and snow outside the den entrance reached her ears. It made her think how quickly storms came here, and how not to long ago she had been in the sun. After a bit Shadow rose her head slightly and allowed her ears to assume normal position. Her eyes darted uncertainly around the room at the others then ended up staring at her paws.

(Srry about my absence D: I almost forgot about this site ;.;. BUT I remembered Very Happy And I'm back Smile. And srry bout the short post I have a little writers block Xd )
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Blaze looked at Shadow and saw the surprise on her face. He chuckled and gave a warm smile. He heard the cold wind blow across the entrance, his dark green orbs bringing him the sight of the snow. Calmly and quietly he spoke, "Perhaps you should come a little further in. If the wind changes direction you're right where it will blow." He glanced around at the others wondering if they would say anything.
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