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A semi-realistic wolf rpg.
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Name -> You don't have to write your real name. This is just so we can know how to call you. It doesn't matter if you write your name, nickname or any other name. You don't have to write anything here if you don't wanna to though.

Breed -> See This -> You can also choose a Wolf-Dog Hybrid
Fur and eye color -> You can write blue, green, red, silver, gold (...) eyes, but please keep it as realistic as possible. That means, your wolf can't have green fur or something like that!
Personality ->
Does your wolf have a complex personality?
Is it mostly friendly or aggressive towards others?
Is it protective, honest, helpful, stubborn, loyal, obedient, disobedient etc.?
How would it react on some certain situations?
History ->
Where was your wolf born?
Write something about its family while it was still a pup.
Did it join any packs or was it a loner?
What did it like to do?
Maybe it had a dark past with a lot of fights?
At the end, why did it decide to join this pack?
Family -> siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.
Likes & Dislikes -> What does it like to do and what doesn't?
Wanted rank and why do you want it -> You can only choose an available rank and one that does not have to be deserved. You can become a higher rank later, but you musn't ask for it.

FROM 1-10
Don't exaggerate. If your wolf's speed is for example 9, your strenght can't be more than 6.

This is just to test your humor  Smile
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Filling Out The Joining Forum
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