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A semi-realistic wolf rpg.
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 Wolf Ranks Info

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The Alphas
Alphas are the leaders of the pack. Alpha male and Alpha female (Alphess) make the alpha pair which means that they are mates. They give orders to other pack members and make important decisions that reflect the growth and welfare of the pack.

The Betas
Betas (Beta male and Beta female/Betess) are the second ranking individuals within the dominance hierarchy. They help the Alphas to lead the pack.

The Deltas
Deltas (Delta male and Delta female/Deltess) are third in rank to Alpha and Beta. They are in training for Beta position.

The Hunters
Hunters are those wolves who are exceptionally skilled at tracking and hunting down prey. They make sure that the pack has a full abundance of food. After large hunts, the Lead Hunter will memo with an update of the food available. This doesn't mean that other memers of the pack don't hunt when they have to.

The Fighters
Fighters are wolves who are exceptionally skilled at fighing. They make the elite of the pack. They are also called Warriors of the pack. The Lead Fighter is the best of them and the chief of the elite. Fighters can sometimes be more aggressive than other members of the pack, but only some of them.

The Guardians
Guardians are also some kind of warriors, but their job is to guard the pack's territory. They know to be extremely protective towards their home, pack and family.

The Spies
Spies don't have so much to do until there is a pack they have to spy on. They know how to be fast and quiet in the same time. They are aslo called ninjas of the pack becasue it is told that they hide in the shadows and run with the wind.

The Scouts
Scouts have a similar job like the Guards. They wonder through the pack's territory and then inform the leaders of the pack about what is going on. They are very often called the Messengers of the pack. They like to explore.

The Shaman
Shamans usually have spiritual connections to Lupis, wolf heaven. They also usually live alone and only come the the packs in times on need. Alphas will occasionally come to the shamans for guidance.

The Healers

Healers or the Caretakers or the pack know how to use medicinal herbs and remedies, and are very respected in the pack. The Lead Healer sometimes gives lessons to the other Healers and teaches them about herbs, plant and remedies.

The Pup Watchers

Pup Watchers watch over pups of the pack and take care of them when their parents can't which makes them something like babysitters of the pack. Their job is also to watch over pups without any parents and pups that were adopted by the pack if there is no one else who wants to take care of them.

The Pups

A wolf will be considered as a pup from it's birth until the day it becomes 1 and a half years old. Pups can be born within the pack, but they can also be adopted.

The Elders
Elders are wolves older than 6 years old. In this pack, a 6 years old wolf is still considered as an old adult, but the next year it will become an Elder. Elders are the oldest [duh], but also the wisest pack members. Very often other pack members, even the royal class, comes to them looking for an advice.

The Omegas
You can't choose to be an Omega. Omega is the lowest rank of all. Mostly, that are wolves that were captured or pack members that are being punished. Omegas can't have mates, they eat last, they have to respect everyone and everyone has the right to growl at them, bite or scratch them. They don't deserve anything and, as said, have no rights.

The Apprentices
A wolf in training for a rank. If your pup grows up, slowly becoming an adult, it will be an Apprentice until it gets a real rank.
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Wolf Ranks Info
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