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A semi-realistic wolf rpg.
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 Feather's Bio

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PostSubject: Feather's Bio   Feather's Bio EmptyTue Jan 07, 2014 2:25 am

-> Name: Sheenen
-> Age: 18
-> Hobbies/Interests: GAMING Twisted Evil 

-> Name: Feather
-> Nickname (if any):
-> Age: 2 and a half-years old
-> Gender: female
-> Breed: Snow/ Northern Wolf
-> Fur color: silver and white
-> Eye color: Deep Blue
-> Scars or any other markings: Dark grey pawks, tail tip, and ears.
-> Personality: Fluttery,sweet, and kind. she backs down easily, but if your hurting a friend, she will fight with best of her ability.
-> History: She was born in a snowy field: both of her parents were black, but they say that her fur got bleached because of the white snow.
-> Likes: She enjoys running and jumping high to eat birds and birds of prey alike.  Flying Bird 
-> Dislikes: She hates wolves that are blood thirsty.  Loco 
-> Habits: She often finds herself meeting other wolves and eating birds, using their feathers for pretty works of art.
-> Strengths: She can jump really high
-> Weaknesses: Mostly fighting, she likes to keep calm and flutter on.
-> Family: Her family lives in canada, in nunavut, Mother Tsu and father Yosatamou.
-> Mate: none
-> Pups: none
-> Wanted rank and why do you want it: i would like to be a hunter or alpha because i would be able to run and hunt for the pack!

FROM 1-10
-> Strength: 5
-> Speed: 8
-> Stamina: 9
-> Sight: 9
-> Hearing: 7
-> Scent: 6

-> Are you a serial killer? Whaaaaaaaat? Pikachu 
-> Do you like cookies? Yes i like cookies! (do you like waffles)
-> Do you promise to obey the rules, fight with me the zombie apocalypse and fly to the moon!? Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!
-> How did you find us? A great friend! (who's username starts what a 'f' on here!)
-> Are you related to Chuck Norris?no! i pretty sure iw ould have a little knowlage of fighting if i did!
-> If the last question was negative; are you related to Spongebob? NO NO NO NONONONONONONONO! i really dislike sponebob!
-> How would you act if I killed you? It would be really bad but then i would cool down, it would be A-ok!
-> Will you be active? yes  I love you 


-> Feather's Bio 9-38 <-
-> Your motto: Nobody is as light as a feather, but somebody can be as soft as one.
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Feather's Bio
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