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 Saba's Bio

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PostSubject: Saba's Bio   Saba's Bio EmptyThu Dec 26, 2013 9:15 pm

-> Name: Nikki
-> Age: 14
-> Hobbies/Interests: karate, reading, not being bored, writing, just sitting in front of the computer and doing something; making forums/sites, watching tv shows online...

-> Name: Saba
-> Nickname (if any): Sab/Sabs/Sabbie
-> Age: 3 yrs
-> Gender: female
-> Breed: actic wolf
-> Fur color: white
-> Eye color: gold
-> Scars or any other markings: none
-> Personality:
Saba is very friendly. At least most of the time. She likes meeting new wolves, but also to pick fights sometimes. It's hard to predict her reactions. If she's not in a good mood, then it's probably the best to leave her alone. But if she's in a good mood, she can be a real sweetheart. As you can see, she has a very complex personality. On one hand, she's kind, sweet, protective towards everyone she loves, but on the other hand she can be stubborn, a little bit selfish and even violent. But she'll always fight for truth and justice. Although she knows that it's her duty to keep order in the pack, sometimes it's just too hard for her and then she wishes that she had someone on her side. She often feels lonely because she has no family and she loses friends easily. She was once very shy, but as she become the leader of the pack, she had to learn how to be brave sometimes.
-> History:
Saba was born in a big family with many siblings and both parents. Her parents and most of her siblings were killed when she was about 7 month old. She never found out where her other siblings are. Once she met her sister Inga though. But after a time, Inga left, although, for Saba it seemed like she vanished. Saba felt so alone that she decided to join a pack. After a while she joined a pack and found a mate. That was probably the nicest time of her life. The pack members were like her real family. Until the pack fell apart... Saba left her mate, but she regreted it...She was long enough a loner so now, she started her own pack, in hope to create a new wolf family...
-> Likes: walking or running through the forest, lying on the warm grass in the sun
-> Dislikes: wolves that make trouble, when someone she loves gets hurt
-> Habits: running deep in the forest or biting something when she is upset or nervous
-> Strengths: well.. hunting and fighting, she's wise, kinda sly, quick, she's the leader, but that doesn't really make her the best in anything
-> Weaknesses: - physical: ears, belly,  - psychical: those she loves
-> Family: none
-> Mate: none
-> Pups: none
-> Wanted rank and why do you want it: I'm the leader! Deal with it!  Cool 

FROM 1-10
-> Strength: 5
-> Speed: 9
-> Stamina: 6
-> Sight: 6
-> Hearing: 8
-> Scent: 10

-> Are you a serial killer?
Maybe. (don't worry i'm not)
-> Do you like cookies?
Hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
-> Do you promise to obey the rules, fight with me the zombie apocalypse and fly to the moon!?
Sure. Let me just climb the Mount Everest first.
-> How did you find us?
I made this forum e.e
-> Are you related to Chuck Norris?
No, but we are really dick buddies.
-> If the last question was negative; are you related to Spongebob?
Yessss! I live right next to his ananas house...In a huge papaya....
-> How would you act if I killed you?
-> Will you be active?


Saba's Bio Sabaa10
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Saba's Bio
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